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About me


I was born in the city of Tannhausen in Germany.

When I was 6 months old, I moved to Italy with my parents (my mother is Sicilian, my father is from the Marche Region). For 15 years we lived in the city of Falconara in the Marche region, in the province of Ancona.  


Moscow stage

1996  I moved to Moscow and started working at the El Dorado restaurant at Gualtiero Marchesi, and since the early 2000s I worked with  Arkady Novikov : opened the Pyramida restaurant as a chef, and also set up a kitchen at the Grand Opera restaurant. "In 2004, I took the position of a chef at the Gallery restaurant and chief consultant at the Fauchon gastronomic boutique.  2006  opened the Justforyou healthy food project, in which he acted as a brand chef.  


WITH  2008  on  2010  I am the brand chef of Azbuka Vkusa .

WITH  2009  - Brand chef in the part of Ginza Project restaurants.


In June  2011   my first Moscow restaurant, Uilliam's, was opened. Several experiments followed: Mammina, Grano, Isola, Zupperia.


In December 2013, Ugolek opens, where I try myself both as a partner and as a brand chef.


In March  2014  GlenUill gastropub is born - this is our third joint project with Glen Ballis and Alexander Oganezov.


In December of the same year - Pinch with a new unique concept "new bistronomics", where I am again both a partner and a brand chef. The project has a unique concept "new bistronomy".

In December 2015, together with Bruno Marino, we open a kosher restaurant AVIV at the Jewish religious and cultural center "Zhukovka".


In February 2016, Severyane opens - one of the first restaurants in Moscow with a pronounced seasonality and dishes only from the oven or from the grill.


In March 2017, together with Vladimir Davidi, I again bring back the spirit of Italy at the Patriashia - with the Italian restaurant Salumeria. And in April - in partnership with  Arkady Novikov  - I am transforming the Babaevsky plant into a cluster of the Middle East with a center in the form of a restaurant   Moroccan cuisine  Nofar.


In 2018, a mecca of light Mediterranean cuisine opens on the Patriarch's - my Montifiori project together with David Elmakays and Yosef Shitri, and I also try myself in French classics

with bistro CocoLambert.


The end of 2019 is one of the most important discoveries in my life:

On the ground floor of the five-star Ritz-Carlton Moscow hotel, the Sartoria Lamberti gastronomic atelier appears, a unique concept which for the first time combined food and fashion to demonstrate the impeccability of taste in any form.


I became interested in cooking when I was a child, at the age of 10.

I'm sure it's all thanks to the family: my mom's parents owned a grocery store, and my grandfather was a shepherd. They were always close to the ground, to pure taste, which was another language to be able to speak. So friendship for me sounds like freshly baked bread with homemade cheese and sausages, which you always take with you when you leave the house. Love is like a paste made from tomatoes grown by my mother. Family closeness is like the aroma of a fire, where another piece of excellent meat will soon be roasted, or like the taste of a Christmas table, at which more than 100 people gathered.


Study and formation

Childhood was followed by years of study: first 4 years at the Institute of Hotel Business and Hospitality in Italy ( Istituto Professionale Alberghiero , "A. Panzini" Senigallia (AN) Italy), and then 12 years at Novotel Milano Est, after which an amazing series of professional good luck and significant meetings.

I collaborated with Gualtiero Marchesi, Michel Troigros, Alain Sendens, Charlie Trotter, Alain Ducasse, Pierre Gagnaire. When I worked with Gualtiero Marchesi, Carlo Cracco, Paolo Lopriore, Paula Budel, Massimo Masciaga, Enrico Crippo, Davide Oldani, Paolo Antinori  were in the same kitchen with me. In the 1990s, there were only 14 restaurants with 3 Michelin stars - I managed to work in 4 of them.

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